Completion of CCTV Functionality Test, Asset Tags/bar Codes and Registration







The management of the Fairview Industrial Park continue to invest in crime reduction initiatives to reduce even further the existing low crime rate experienced on the Estate.

In October 2020 a full survey and functionality test of all CCTV was undertaken, asset tags/bar codes were put in place and registered.  This is for warranty purposes and for general management of assets, and will aid with updating/replacing CCTV where necessary in the future.  Consideration is being given to add another CCTV to cover the new entrance barrier system, now being installed at the security gatehouse.

There are currently 14 CCTV static/Domes installed at strategic, vulnerable locations on the Estate.  In addition to this, there are 8 CCTV’s installed at the security gatehouse that record all vehicle movements in and out of the Estate.

The CCTV system is not only utilised for crime detection and anti-social behaviour deterrence, but also to assist with overall management of the Estate.

The Estate CCTV system of course, operates in full compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018