Evacuation Plan


In the event of an evacuation request by the emergency services, an Evacuation co-ordinator will contact each property on the estate in accordance with their zone requesting they evacuate (using the phone contact details held by the Estate Office).

If you receive such an evacuation request please ensure all personnel leave the property and make their way on foot along the designated Route to the designated Assembly Point as shown on the following page.

Entrance/Exit barriers will be lowered

Please ensure the Estate Office is kept updated with key telephone contact numbers.


Estate Security

24 hours Emergency no: 0844 846 0247

Day Guard: 07528 968073
Night Guard: 07528 968072

Estate Management: 01708 520523
24hr Emergency no: 07767700987

Local Authority Liaison Officer:
Day Contact no: 01708 434343
Night Contact no: 01708 433999


Evacuation personnel will confirm Assembly point with Emergency Services / LALO: Depending upon the size of the fire/incident, an Assembly Point will be allocated to all businesses at the time of the fire/incident.

The FULL ESTATE EVACUATION assembly point will be at the CEME (car park at back entrance opposite Fairview Industrial Park Entrance. The car park is on the left when entering the CEME site rear access road).