Security Gatehouse Defibrillator

Thanks to the British Heart Foundation and the London Riverside BID Ltd  for their 50% grant funding towards a community defibrillator
Together We Can Save Lives


As you are probably aware the BID successfully secured grant funding towards a defibrillator which is now installed at the Security Gatehouse on the Fairview Industrial Park, with thanks to the British Heart Foundation.

Since installation, the defibrillator has been called out by businesses or the emergency services; but thankfully it has not been needed and all individuals concerned are well, however it is there for peace of mind.

Remember, that for a patient to have the best chance of surviving an out of hospital cardiac arrest, CPR and early defibrillation must be provided within the first 3-4 minutes of the cardiac arrest, followed by advanced life support within the first 8 minutes of the arrest.

If you ever need the defibrillator, it is located at the entrance to the Estate at the Security Gatehouse. Simply call the Security Projects team on 07528 968073. ALWAYS CALL 999 FIRST

A useful video from the British Heart Foundation  how to perform CPR