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General crime prevention advice


MPS Crime Prevention Advice –   MPS Crime Prevention website, offers advice and support across a wide variety of crime types.

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Crime Mapping Tool – The site allows you to view statistics of crimes that occur in a geographical location that you specify.

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Safer SpacesSafe Spaces Self-Assessment Scheme is a document to help small businesses conduct a security self-assessment and also provides basic security advice.

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New* Secured EnvironmentsSecured Environments’ is a police certification scheme provided by Secured by design. It is awarded to organisations that are able to show that they have adopted six key principles for protecting themselves against crime.

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Business Impact StatementIf your business has been a victim of crime and you report it to police, you can make an Impact Statement on what affect it has on the business (ISB).

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Secured by Design (SBD) – The official UK police flagship initiative combining the principles of ‘designing out crime’ with physical security advice and products. Click link for more information –


Fraudulent Identity DocumentsHM Government national guidance on document fraud. It aims to provide knowledge of what to look for when presented with identity documents and a basic awareness of document abuse.   

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New*Banknote Checking Scheme for Retailers and Businesses – The Bank of England provides the banknote-checking scheme for retailers and businesses. It is aimed at cash-handling businesses and promotes banknote checking of Bank of England banknotes at point of sale through targeted training. Its aim is to reduce the number of counterfeit notes being accepted and to reduce losses to businesses.

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Counter Terrorism


NaCTSO Homepage (National Counter Terrorism Security Office) –  This is the authoritative source for counter terrorism information. Also contains contact details for NaCTSO. All the publications below can be found on this site and the links are provided for convenience only.

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Stay Safe Film – Run, Hide, TellProject Griffin – the national counter terrorism awareness initiative for business. Designed to educate around a variety of issues, including hostile reconnaissance, current threat level, ‘Run, Hide, Tell’

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Developing Dynamic Lockdown Procedures – Guidance to develop procedures to dynamically lockdown your sites in response to a fast-moving incident such as a firearms or weapons attack, either directly at the site or in the vicinity.

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Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure – Contains advice for physical security, security of people and personnel, and cyber security.

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New*Protect E-learning package – Prevent is an initiative which aims to inform and educate all communities to help prevent terrorist incidents. The e-learning provides an online interactive platform to help communities access the information.

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New* Action Counters Terrorism – ACT – With the terror threat becoming increasingly complex and varied, police are calling on communities to act on their instincts to help prevent atrocities taking place in the UK and overseas. ACT provides information, guidance and videos providing information on how to react to an incident aimed at a multitude of audiences

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Cyber and Fraud


Get Safe Online – Get safe online’ is a website that provides free advice on how to protect yourself online.

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Action Fraud – action Fraud is the online reporting tool for fraud offences. You can also report information relating to fraud offences

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Met Police Online Crime and Fraud – FALCON – These pages have been produced by FALCON to provide help and advice for cyber crime and business fraud.

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Cyber Aware – Cyber aware is created by HM Government and provides advice and help around cyber security

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Cyber Essentials – Government-backed scheme which helps you to guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrates your commitment to cyber security.

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Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) – A joint industry and government initiative set up to exchange cyber threat information in real time, in a secure, confidential and dynamic environment, thus increasing situational awareness and reducing the impact on UK business.

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Mandate Fraud – Mandate fraud is when someone gets you to change a direct debit, standing order or bank transfer mandate, by purporting to be an organisation you make regular payments to.   For example, a subscription or membership organisation or a business supplier. Action Fraud has provided advice.

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Preparing Your Business for Emergencies – Reducing the disruption caused to your business in the event of an emergency is a key consideration. Whether your organisation is a brand new start-up or a major international company, there are some simple steps that your organisation can take.

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10-minute Resilience Self-assessment – This is a quick assessment for you to see how far you have got with business continuity management

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